Terrastruct Affiliates Program

Affiliates Dashboard

Commission: $10 for every referred purchase

What is an affiliate program?
You refer people with a special link we give you. If these people you refer pay for a subscription to Terrastruct, we pay you a commission.
How are sales and referrals tracked?
We generate unique affiliate links. When a user arrives at our site with it, we store a cookie to track the referral, so that even if the user closes the window and later comes back directly, you still get the referral. Once they signup, their account is tied with the referral, so that if they upgrade within 30 days, you get the commission. Our funnel is landing page → app visit → signup → conversion. You will be able to track your stats in real-time through the Affiliates Dashboard.
How do I earn commission?
You earn commission only when a user converts to a paying customer (pays for a subscription of our $14.99/month plan). You'll receive $10, which is around 66% of the initial sale.
How do I get paid?
Whenver you request, through bill.com
I have more questions
Feel free to email us at affiliates@terrastruct.com