About Us

Everybody loves a good diagram. It's by far the preferred way of explaining a concept in meetings, ad-hoc discussions, and written documentation. But with the current tools, it's hard to create good diagrams when it comes to software architecture. You're forced to map out this layered mental model you have in your head onto a one-dimensional image, and it just doesn't work.

We're engineers who've worked in complex domains at companies like Stripe and Google that relied heavily on diagrams. We started Terrastruct to allow software engineers to diagram software in a new way. One that captures how your design actually works, not just a snapshot of it at rest. One that has tooling specific for software design, and integrates with your codebase, and allows you to collaborate with your teammates.

Good documentation is a productivity multiplier. Our mission is to perfect the tooling around planning and documenting software design for teams, so that you can ship faster and build more robust software.

Have any questions? Feature requests? Reach out to us at info@terrastruct.com.