Looking for a draw.io alternative?

You wouldn't write code on Microsoft Word. Use the right tool for the job. Terrastruct is specifically designed for software engineers to diagram software architecture.

draw.io alternative

Top 5 reasons software engineering teams use
Terrastruct vs draw.io


Handle complexity

Static diagrams trying to handle complexity
Messy diagram

Terrastruct is a dynamic diagram, and layers information, letting you express complexity in simple ways. Our navigation lets you focus on one layer of abstraction at a time, define scenarios for that layer, and step through sequences of events.


Designed for software engineers

First-class support for elements you're familiar with and care about.
Huge library of handpicked icons to cover whatever you want to express


Integration with your workflow

Link directly from diagram to lines of code, or any other external documentation
Automatically sync diagrams to a Github repository. Whenever there are changes, our bot pushes revisions to a repository of your choice.


Built for teams

Collaborate with your teammates seamlessly. Live updates, autosave.
Comments for async communication


And much more features you'll love